Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This day was also a wonderful day! In the morning, I took the Blogging class and visited the Voice of America. I am interested in news management so the presentation was interesting for me and I thought I want to know about the VOA much better. Then I went to have lunch with Nikki and talked about the relations including the cultural different between the United States and Japan. I learned many different cultures in this trip and it will be to my benefit. We went back to Collage Park and I visited Nikki’s apartment. I wanted to visit there so I was glad. It was beautiful and colorful; I want to live in such an apartment! We met everyone in the QI lobby at 5 and visited Nikki’s house. Nikki’s house was really amazing and also her parents (and Yogi&Tori) were very nice. I had a delicious dinner, played basketball, chatted, played cards and so on. It was such enjoyable time! Thank you so much! Today is a last day to visit D.C. I want to enjoy visiting with everyone!


masahiro said...

I want to buy the babies' clothing.
Shall we find? lol

Nikki said...

Hello my sister,
I'm happy you had the chance to see my apartment and my home. At my house, thank you for playing basketball on my team. We will have to practice and play again. Also, I want you to teach me the Japanese card game you were playing. Maybe it's even better than crazy 8s!

Hiromi said...

What's up, Saaya?
It's always great for you to be able to have memtors who can talk about American culture because it really helps you understand it and it gives you a new point of view for looking at different cultures, right? ^^