Monday, August 4, 2008

Such a nice day in Alexandria and Georgetown!

The third day in Maryland, I went to Alexandria and Georgetown by metro. Georgetown is an old part of the city and many buildings attracted me. Houses were colorful and so cute! (I want to live in such a house someday!) We walked around Georgetown with Mike and he took us to fine restaurant, interesting variety stores and bookstore. I ate crab soup and salad in the restaurant. Those were so nice! After the enjoyable trip, we rode the boat to Georgetown. The boat ride was also great! We took many pictures on the shuddered boat because we could see many beautiful views. Joe told me about the things we could see. In Georgetown, we enjoyed shopping and I got nice shirts. After the shopping, we had long way walking with Joe and Mike and we saw Georgetown’s views. We everyone were so tired from a lot of walking, we had a break in the restaurant. I went to Chinese restaurant called Panda CafĂ© with Mike and ordered Chow Fun. It was so nice but someone’s dishes were too spicy for them to eat… In the restaurant, Mike spoke so great Japanese! I want to speak English better. I was so tired but enjoyable day in Alexandria and Georgetown! Thank you for every staff, especially for Nikki, Joe, Mike. (In the night, I met cockroach in our room...)


Ayumi said...

Hello!I was glad to talk with you yasterday!Your choice was nice.

Nikki said...

I'm glad you had such a nice day. I'm sorry that there was a cockroach in your room, but it was nice of the boys to come get it for you!

Hiromi said...

Hello, Saaya!
It seems that you had a wonderful time in Alexandria and Georgetown, and it's great that you enjoyed shopping in Georgetown! I wish I were there~!! ^^

Has the cockroach gone? I really hope that it has! It's better to ask the front desk to do something about it! ^^

Nina Liakos said...

Was the cockroach polite? Just kidding. It is no fun to fund a cockroach. Complain at the hotel desk! If they clean the room very well (and you don't eat there) the cockroaches should stay away.

It sounds like a great excursion. I am sorry I missed it (except for the shopping--I hate shopping!).