Thursday, August 14, 2008

The last post in Maryland

Today is almost the last day in Maryland. I’ll write about yesterday first. In the morning and Nina’s class, I participated in an online chat with Hiromi, Kana, and Ai. It was hard to read and write quickly but fun. I’ll participate in chatting in Japan too! In Heather’s class, we saw a picture (A man and a little boy was talking and I thought the little boy was asking something to a man wearing police officer costume.) and thought what we wanted to ask them. All the questions and answers were unique so it was interesting! After the class, Heather gave us letters and gifts. I was really impressed by them. Thank you Heather! We had lunch at the Stamp Union and had a tour a tour of the Prange Collection at Hornbake Library. I didn’t know about the Prange Collection although it is really important collection for Japan. I’m interested in the war and literature so it was amazing! I want to know about it much more. Then I met Mike and went to the Terp Zone. We bowled and it was exciting! After that we went to the supermarket (Thank Mike and Nikki for your long way driving yesterday!) and I bought souvenirs and several things for myself. I had dinner with Nikki, Mike, Kyoko, Tomoya in the Chinese restaurant and I ordered the Wonton Soup. Nikki had the same thing (we are “sisters”), it was great but too big for us; there are about ten wontons! After having dinner, I played golf with Ice, Grass, Kyoko, Hippo and Nikki. The course was amazing and I enjoyed playing. (But I was not good) In front of the golf field, there was hill. We went up and rolled from the top to the below. It was so amazing!! When I went back to the hotel, I had a chance to meet Sachi and Nadav again yesterday. I was so glad to seeing them.

This is my last post in Maryland. In this trip, I met many people and they were all nice. Especially, Nikki, Mike, Joe were always with us and they made us and our trip amazing. I don’t want to leave them but I’m looking forward to seeing them soon. Thank you, everyone, Nina, Heather, AGU members and all the people I met here. I’ll try to keep posting in Japan. I’ll enjoy my last day.


Hiromi said...

Hello, Saaya!
Thanks for letting me join the chat. :) I really enjoyed being there, and I'm looking forward to talking to you again at Tapped In!

Anyway, I hope you'll come back to Japan safely!

Nikki said...

Hello my sister,
I had a wonderful two weeks with you. Please be sure to keep in touch and let me know when you come back to America. You are a beautiful, smart, fun girl and I will miss you very much.

Nina Liakos said...

Dear Saaya, what a wonderful long and detailed post! Your writing is just great. I am looking forward to reading your posts from Japan!

I am feeling relieved to know that your plane arrived in Japan safely. I imagine you are with your family and maybe sleeping now (It is 10:15 pm on Saturday in Japan as I write this).

Perhaps one day you will return to UM to do research at the Prange Collection! Wouldn't that be awesome?

I am sorry I missed the spectacle of you rolling from the top to the bottom of the hill at Putt-Putt. It must have been something to see!

I've scheduled a chat at Tapped In on Saturday, Sept. 27, at 11 pm Tokyo time. I hope to see you there! It was a grand two weeks. Thanks for being a part of it!