Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Kennedy Center

The fourth day in Maryland was also a great day! I took two classes in the morning, Nina’s writing-reading class and Heather’s listening-speaking class. After the class, I met Maryland students who study Japanese. I had lunch and talked with them. They know a lot about Japan and they had zeal in studying language. It acted as my stimulus! Then we played pool and bowling. It was such fun! I want to meet them again. At 4 o’clock, we met with the mentors at The Quality Inn and went to the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy center was so beautiful! I went to the terrace with Nikki and saw the beautiful view of D.C. And some of us tried spicy candy there. Nikki and Mike said it tasted good but I couldn’t try it… I want to try it someday. Then we went to a sushi bar and ate sushi but I made mistake in ordering and I couldn’t eat sushi. But it was interesting! It was late when we went back the hotel but it was really great day yesterday! (Cockroaches aren’t scary for me now because we have insecticide!)


Nikki said...

I had fun going to the top of the Kennedy Center with you yesterday. It was beautiful up there. Also, you should try the spicy candy, they are called Fire Balls. I think they are delicious.

Mika said...

Hi Saaya:I'm Kasumi, and I'm glad you're enjoying your trip and enjoyed the Kennedy Center. I hope to see you again in the winter!

Nina Liakos said...

Hi Saaya,
I am looking for your profile picture. Why didn't you upload it today?

It's great that the meeting with the JAPN students has motivated you to keep working on your English! :-)

I love the views from the KC terrace. It is really pretty at night, too.

I don't like spicy and I don't eat much candy (except for chocolate!) so I wouldn't have eaten the candy either.

I am sorry you have to learn vocabulary like insecticide while you are here, but I guess it's good that you have it. Just remember that it is poisonous to humans, also, so always wash your hands well after using it.

Hiromi said...

Hello, Saaya! ^^
It seems that you had a good time talking the students who study Japanese, doesn't it? That's really nice!

Also, it's nice that you have an insecticide with you now! But I hope you won't see them again. ^^