Monday, August 11, 2008

Great weekend!

Last Thursday, we went to the IDB and listened to Japanese worker’s presentation. I didn’t know about the IDB clearly so their presentation was interesting for me. I had a chance to enter the meeting room and took pictures. The meeting room was really beautiful and I enjoyed pretending to be a staff member there. Then we went to the zoo. Because I really like animals I had an enjoyable time. Especially, the hippo was so cute! I want you to show my pictures. After that we went back to College Park and played volleyball. I’m not good at playing but it was so fun! I want to play volleyball well. Next day, we went to Baltimore. Baltimore was such a nice town! First, we visited AVAM and saw very unique pictures and arts. I really liked it. I wanted to have more time to see them. Then we went to a restaurant and ate delicious crab cakes. There were a lot of people, who wore Japanese animation costumes; I was surprised but glad that Japanese culture is popular among American people. After that we went to the baseball game (It was the first time I saw the major baseball game) and I was really excited all the time. Next morning, I waked up at 8, met in the lobby with Nikki, Senpai and Hippo and went to jog to the lake. I was a member of the Track and Field club when I was a high school student but I couldn’t run well. I felt disappointed so I decided I will run one or two days in a week in Japan! The lake was very beautiful so I’m looking forward to going again and having dinner there. At the evening, we played volleyball again. Everyone became better players (expect for me) and we had exciting games! Yesterday, we visited to D.C and saw many famous memorials like the Washington monument and the Lincoln memorials. At the Lincoln memorials, Nikki taught us a few games and we played them. It was a little difficult for me but so fun! I want to play again. Then we went back to College Park and some of us went to the supermarket (I really like the American supermarkets!) with Mike and bought the basketball. At the night, I visited Steve’s house and had a good time with Jeff and Steve who are students of the University of Maryland and learn Japanese. We played games and helped their Japanese homework. I thought that Japanese is so difficult and I have to learn correct Japanese. Everything I met in last weekend was amazing for me! Thank you, everyone!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Saaya! :)
I enjoyed taking a look at the picture you took at the IDB. Visiting there sounds really interesting!

You guys really love to play volleyball, right? I hope you'll have a chance to play it again! :)

Nikki said...

Hello, my sister,
I'm glad we got to visit our grandfather at the museum. = )

Also, I think you are a good volleyball player. We will practice again this week!

Nina Liakos said...

This sounds like an extraordinary 4 days--packed full of new and interesting activities! I hope you will be able to remember all these new experiences when you go home to Japan!