Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Newseum&Playing Cards

My 6th day in Maryland, we visited to the Newseum in D.C and it was really interesting for me! Especially, the history of the journalists was the most interesting for me. Despite the dangers that they face, they work very hard to get great pictures and articles. My view of looking articles and pictures was changed. Then we went to Chinatown and I walked around with Nikki. At the coffee shop, Nikki told me how to play “Crazy Eights” which was the name of the cards game. It was fun! We had dinner at the Chinese restaurant and we ate Orange Chicken, fried rice, Beef with Broccoli and vegetable noodle. Our waiter who served water for us was nice man so we could drink a lot of water. After the dinner, we went to shopping and went back to the hotel. Then we played cards with three of Nikki’s friends. At the beginning, we played “the mafia” and it was really exciting! I couldn’t be killer but I could be the angel and the cop. I want my friends in Japan to know that game. Then we played “spoons”. I was also excited! Nikki and her friends were so nice to us all the time. Thanks a lot!


masahiro said...

I want to be a server of the water someday. He was cool wasn't he?lol

Emily said...

You were very good angel! You saved a lot of people. But you also said I was killer, so I was afraid of you.

Ai said...

Hi, Saaya!

The Neuseum seemed really interesting^^ The experience to visit there is must be your help when you study, especially politics I think. I also want to go there!


Hiromi said...

Hello, Saaya!
By reading your post about the Newseum, I can imagine how much you enjoyed being there! ^^ It seems that you've got a new perspective on how you interact the media, right?