Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mint Chip Ice cream!

Yesterday we went to eat the ice cream which is famous in the University of Maryland with Marie, Shania, Nina and Heather. I ate Mint Chip and it tasted great! And Shania gave me a spoon of Fear the Turtle, it was also delicious! After the lunch, we took Dr.Hallion’s class; it was about the history of American diplomacy. Marie taught us so clearly and it was interesting for me. I think I want to study more about American history which is different from Japanese history. And also I thought I should study Japanese history harder because I can’t explain my own history to people who are from other country. Then we divided in two groups and I went to the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City with Mike, Joe, Shania and two of Joe’s friends. (I also wanted to visit Nikki’s apartment. It was really difficult choices for me!) I enjoyed shopping and talking with them. They were very nice and I had an enjoyable trip yesterday. However I have a problem when I ride on metro. My weekly ticket often doesn’t work well. I don’t know why… I’ll try again today!


Nikki said...

It sounds like you had a good day yesterday. Don't worry, you will still be able to visit my apartment sometime in the next week and a half.

Nina Liakos said...

Great blog list--but don't forget to add the program blog ( tomorrow.

Maybe you will have another opportunity to visit Nikki's apartment. Ask her!

You can tell the Metro personnel about your problem with your metro pass. Maybe they can help. (Ask one of the mentors to go with you.) Did you put the pass next to an electronic device such as a cell phone? This can wipe out the memory on the card. :-(


Emily said...

I can't understand why your ticket doesn't work. I'm sorry for our laughing when your ticket doesn't work.

Hiromi said...

Hello again, Saaya!
Eating icecrean at Daily sounds really nice and I can imagine you enjoyed eating it very much. Also, it brings me back to the time I enjoyed eating icecream just like you! (It's two years ago, though.)

Anyway, I hope your weekly ticket for the metro will work fine tomorrow! ^^

Heather said...


I love mint chocolate chip-it is probably my favorite flavor of ice cream. I like that the history of diplomacy in American challenged you to learn your own Japanese history better. Maybe you will be able to take these classes during your college career.